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Car Respraying

Our expert car respraying services are both precise and affordable. With our state-of-the-art workshop, we are well-practised in restoring colour and shine to vehicles. From matte and pearlescent through to solid and metallic finishes, we can meet your individual preferences. You can also rest assured that we have the right colours, shades and tones in stock to match your car. The process of respraying can involve sanding, body filling, cleaning, masking and priming – all carried out in our specialist spray booth. Contact us today to promptly book car respraying in Sidmouth.


Sanding a car down ready for a respray is a complex process which requires professionals in the trade, like us! Firstly, all excess paint is removed. Next, the metal is sanded down thoroughly, then prepped. A body filler can be applied if necessary, which evens out any damaged surfaces and acts as a bond for the primer to follow.

Car Cleaning

Our car cleaning process consists of a thorough clean of the vehicle exterior to ensure no excess oil or dirt remains before respraying. If this is left, there is a risk of inconsistencies in the spray coat, including bubbles, marks and paint adhesion.


Masking plays an important role in the car respraying process as it ensures a superior, clean finish. We either dry or liquid mask vehicles, and the overall procedure takes great attention to detail and concentration as it affects the end result. Masking is essential for accuracy, preventing damage and over spraying in unwanted areas.


Priming involves applying a neutral base coat. When coloured spray paint is applied directly to the vehicle, there is a strong likelihood that it will not stick well. There is also the risk of oxidation. Therefore, applying primer is paramount for finesse and success.

Colour Matching

Finding the correct colour will be no issue. We can carry out colour matching or you can select a brand new colour from our palette.

Contact Thorn Coachworks in Sidmouth Today

Contact Thorn Coachworks in Sidmouth today if you require car respraying. A visually appealing car is incredibly important. The paintwork is the first thing people look at, so for exceptional results contact Thorn Coachworks today.
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